Picture Perfect: Port Solent's photo contest offers mouthwatering prize

Port Solent, the picturesque waterfront destination, is calling upon all talented photographers and videographers to participate in an exciting competition that celebrates the mesmerising moments that make Port Solent so wonderful.

The contest offers participants the chance to win a delicious night out worth £100 at a Port Solent restaurant of their choice!

The competition invites participants to share their best photography or video footage that encapsulates the essence of Port Solent. Whether it's a captivating sunset painting the sky with vibrant hues, the picturesque surroundings that leave you in awe, or a heartwarming moment that captures the joy of being at Port Solent – all entries are welcome!

Why should you take part? Port Solent’s Lisa Fowler said: “Besides the opportunity to showcase your talent to a wider audience, the winner of this contest will be treated to a delightful dining experience at their choice of Port Solent restaurant. Savour the moment and let us show our appreciation for capturing the beauty of Port Solent through your lens.”

For more information visit: https://portsolent.com/capture-port-solent