Environmental Policy

Port Solent recognises that effective environmental management and the pursuit of longer term business success are inextricably linked. It is therefore a primary responsibility of the site to consider the environment as an integral part of good business practice.

Accordingly, it is our Policy to:

  • Raise environmental awareness of all staff.
  • Comply with applicable environmental regulations and permit conditions.
  • Make a timely response to, or remedy a known environmental or health hazard or any circumstances when the company or its employees are responsible for not complying with any such hazard or circumstance.
  • Comply with any regulation requiring the company to report on any environmental circumstance.
  • To properly manage or dispose of hazardous (including toxic) waste for which the company is responsible or release such substances into the environment.
  • Obtain the necessary environmental permits or proper authority in the execution of any instructions.
  • To properly provide any information to anybody lawfully entitled to receive such information.
  • Keep appropriate records as required by any applicable regulation.
  • Inform contractors and consultants of our environmental policy and encourage them to operate to similar standards.
  • Prevent pollution and to minimise the impacts of our activities on the environment.

The Management Team will be aware of and will use its best endeavours to comply with all legislation that will impact upon the environmental position of the managed property, its activities and operations.

Environmental Policy February 2017 The Management Team and Property Managers will work closely with its Clients to promote a sense of responsibility for the environment. Where Clients agree, we will implement an environmental management system on the applicable site, designed to define arrangements for environmental management, achieve compliance with legislation and identify areas for improvement on best practice issues. Individual sites will be encouraged to set objectives and targets, the achievement of which will enable continual improvement in our environmental performance to be demonstrated.

Port Solent operates a system based around the requirements of ISO:14001.

The Centre Management Team, through its employees, will strive to attain a satisfactory balance between economic, social and environmental responsibilities.

This Policy will be subject to annual review.

Lee Jones
Port Solent Operations Manager
8th February 2017