VW Campervan and Bus Meets

On the third Sunday of every month

Calling all VW lovers! Come along to our VW campervan and bus meets on the third Sunday of each month. It's a great opportunity for VW fans to come together, share their passion for these vehicles, and appreciate the unique culture that surrounds them. 

Enjoy free parking, the chance to meet and chat with fellow VW lovers and plenty of breakfast, brunch or lunch options at our waterside bars and restaurants for afterward.

Join us in the Port Solent Car Park on the third Sunday of the month between 10am-12:30pm.


Sunday 15th January

Sunday 19th February

Sunday 16th April

Sunday 21st May

Sunday 16th July

Sunday 20th August

Sunday 17th September

Sunday 15th October

Sunday 19th November

Sunday 17th December

Help keep our events free by supporting the bars and restaurants that help to fund them.